Cacti from seed and cuttings, grown in Colorado.

Seeds sourced in house and from the BEST breeders in the world.

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      What started as a hobby on a shelf in a closet in the winter of 2014, has now transformed into 2300 sqft of amazing seed grown plants and desirable clones from around the US and the world!  

 I am thankful to be able to share the passion of growing, grafting, and propagating these awesome plants.     

Thank you for your support!

Below is a summarization of My growing experience, condensed into an analogy, my hope is this helps give some insight into how you should best care for a cocac plant or any plant you may already own or will ever own in the future.

Think of this plant like your body, the more you exercise your body the more your body's demands for water and nutrients increase, the more physically demanding your environmental circumstances are the more you will need to rehydrate and refuel your body with nutrients.

If your plant is experiencing high UV exposure via the sun or high-powered lights, and the temperatures are getting upwards from 80 to 90° during the summer with swings down to the 60s or 70s at night your plant is essentially at the gym/doing strenuous activity, when the sun is up and the temperatures are high your plant is being put through an intense trial and the more it consistently goes through this trial the more you will need to fertilize your plants and be sure to compensate for the vigorous exercise it is doing.

This analogy is an extreme oversimplification of a very nuanced and complicated topic every plant grows in a different place on this Earth and requires slightly different care.

I grow my plants hydroponically meaning they are in a dead media and require me to fertilize them at a regular interval to maintain any given growth pattern, but the more the plant is working out the more you need to fertilize it.

If you're using organic soils you will start out with and nutrient dense soil and water accordingly. If you are interested in growing your plants organically I highly recommend looking into whatever information you can find on organic gardening.

The fertilizer I use is "master blend tomato special" or "general hydroponics flora nova" these can be purchased on Amazon and other online vendors. 


Allow anywhere from 6-8 weeks for shipping, plants with roots are washed and dried before being packaged, cuttings are typically cut to order, I only ship on Mondays, you will receive tracking information as soon as your plant/plants have been packaged weighed and a label has been printed.


 It should be general practice to quarantine all plants you receive from any seller, local nursery and online vendor alike for at least a week before introducing them to your full collection, so you can identify any potential threats and treat with your preferred method. 

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 Grafting, growing from seed and propagating plants from leaf and cutting. All in house since 2014, sourcing seeds from a few of the highest quality breeders in the world, as well as a select few of our own mother plants, greenhouse grown in Loveland, Colorado! 

Excellent plants. I picked up a mystery box last year and was amazed with everything I got. Heres a couple Scop x Bertha tips I just bought a few months ago. They looked smaller in the pics he posted so I was surprised when these chonkers came in the mail

Evan paulin

Great vendor, great prices for big cuts from the mad grafting master of the Trichocereus community! Got a hefty cut of LEE from him for an awesome price, showed up fast and looking beautiful straight out of the box! Also got a couple of seedlings from him way back when, Olivia x Scop and the reverse cross, still some of my happiest and fastest growers!

Jumbo jones

Ahulx dalrymple is a great great seller and

awesome person. His plants are out of


Crested martin


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